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The Wedding of Carly and Nick

Picture this... imagine yourself standing at the top of an enormous hilltop. You are dressed in the most magnificent gown, draped around your daddy’s arm and ready to begin your walk down the hill to your partner to begin life together. You look out and see glimpses of shimmering water below, a spectacular crowd of friends and family, and boats have stopped off in the distant to witness the beautiful scene.

You take your first step on the brightly sunlit path, and once reaching the bottom of the hill, you stand hand in hand with your soon-to-be groom under the most eloquent archway covered in a beautiful array of flowers. This. This is the moment you have been waiting for.

Close your eyes. It's ok, go ahead. Close them and imagine what we just described. (Can you see it?)

Ok, open them! What were you imagining? A beautiful destination wedding, along the sandy beaches of some tropical island? Well, would you be surprised if we told you that you are actually envisioning the wrong setting? Surprised, aren’t you?

Let us take you along the journey of the Schwerdt wedding, the marriage of Carly and Nick…

They did have their breathtaking ceremony on a fairy-tale like resort, but not like in the way you might have been imagining. The couple wed at a place called Innsbrook Resort. For those of you who witnessed these gorgeous nuptials of Carly and Nick, you can also attest to the fact that this place is like a destination wedding but right in the heart of the Midwest. It is stunning. Stunning like the bride herself.

It was an authentic October wedding, with perfectly placed touches of corals, maroons, browns and peach. The bridesmaids’ dresses shimmered with gold accents, much like that beautiful pathway down that hilltop you were envisioning. Nick and his groomsmen's’ vintage suit jackets sealed the perfect array of wedding planning perfection on that October 15th day.

Everything was beautiful, down to the last details of the portrait location and reception. But, we couldn’t complete this blog without also taking you down the road with us and make you see and feel what we as the photographers captured on that day. We won’t make you close your eyes again, but just take a moment with us.

Our eyes welled with tears not once but twice before the day really even began. Nick delivered the most heartfelt, sweetest, note that we could feel all the way down to our bones. You could tell by each tear that rolled down Carly’s cheek that he spoke to her in a way only a partner and true love could. She, as well, as us, will remember that moment to a tee. But a wedding would not be complete without the groom reciprocating the feeling of an emotional unspoken bonding that day. We loved to see Nick completely overwhelmed with his bride during their first look that day.

Thank you for sharing the love. Thank you two for sharing your day with us. And, most importantly, thank you both for sharing your little one, Jack, that day. He was the most adorable, light of the party.

Alex & Sam

So you have your wedding planning checklist.... You know, THE CHECKLIST, right brides?! Well, pretty much at the top of the list stands a section with a HUGE asterisk next to it called **First Looks. You may be thinking that we are getting to that 27 Dresses scene where Katherine Heigl’s character talks about her favorite part of a wedding… you know, when the bride walks down the aisle but your eye is on the groom, seeing their face as they watch the love of their life appear?! Yeah, we will get to the groom in a minute! Not to send you on a wild goose chase, but on the first looks checklist, there is a VERY important spot marked ‘Daddy’s First Look’. We are here to tell you folks, Alex got this one spot on! They had one of the sweetest father/daughter first looks that we have ever seen. The look on her dad’s face, well, let’s just say he’s been planning for this her whole life. That moment was something special to capture! Looking back on the pictures, the look in his eyes tell you everything. That look you can imagine was mixed with a flood of memories: holding her for the first time, sending her to kindergarten, that first middle school dance dropoff... He knew this moment was coming and nailed it perfectly! They say a wedding is a parent's send off into the world with your new found significant other and this first look and the moment they shared, did just so. Don't believe us? Take a look for yourselves!

Now, back to the checklists! Alex must have had a pretty significant one because this wedding was out of this world! Literally! The couple had an around-the-world theme at the reception, which was beyond beautiful by the way. Quaint, adorable family farm reception with a gorgeous white tent filled with only the most immaculate decorations… Check! An amazing live band… Check! The beautiful textures, colors and variety at the church location and where we shot the portraits in downtown Washington, deemed photography perfection. If you need help with your checklist, this couple is one that you should seek out!

But, no matter how many checks you have on your list, no one ever makes a section for the insane amount of love that will be shared on that day by the newlyweds themselves. All you have to do is look at this final picture that we leave with, to see the immense amount of it we captured in this handsome groom and his breathtaking wife. Thank you so much for letting BGI be a part of your absolutely stunning day.

Hometown Bliss: Counts + Kline

It's not everyday that you get to witness a childhood friend and classmate, not only become an amazing mother and business owner in your own hometown, but also marry the love of her life. Let's just say, it's the icing on the cake. Speaking of cake, can we just take a minute to give a shout out to Brittany and her fabulous cupcakes and desserts at Our Story Cafe! She is one talented lady!

But, now back to the wedding! It was an absolute privilege to capture this day for Brittany and Jon.

To say this day was a long time in the making, would be an understatement. The couple had been together eight years before tying the knot, but that made it even more perfect to see how much love this couple shares. Another thing that was so evident that day, was the outpouring of love they both have for their daughter, Taryn, and how big of a part she played in the wedding. 

This couple had such an intimate and family-oriented day that truly depicted how unique their family is. The wedding took place on a gorgeous hilltop overlooking a beautiful Washington winery. Following, we all made our way to a stunning wine cellar that set up such an amazing opportunity to shoot this couple's portraits. At the reception, held in a Washington brewery, there wasn't a dry eye as the best men gave such heartfelt stories recanting their days with the groom and their time in the service. Such a sweet, sentimental time for the bride and groom at the reception. And, the night would not have been complete without a little St. Louis tradition: Imo's!

This Fall wedding, which took place on the most perfect setting of a winery and brewery, combined with a absolutely gorgeous bride in the most unique blusher, will be one that we remember for a lifetime. That, and those moves from daughter Taryn on the dance floor! It was an absolute blast being a part of your day, Jon and Brittany! 

The Berti Wedding

Wow. This was a day for the books. Essentially, when your little sister gets married, that will be an extraordinary day no matter what. But, let us say, this wedding went off without a hitch! Literally, their hashtag was #BertiHitchUp. So, let’s pull out those hashtags and take a walk down memory lane from October 1, 2016.

If we had to describe this wedding in three words… (don’t make us, it would be too difficult!) Ok, ok, three words: stunning, intimate & family. Those three words stick out boldly to both of our BGI team photographers from the day! Now, we highly recommend you get the tissues out for this one. We have teared up probably ten times already and the page isn’t even half full.

Jessica Berti (maiden name Heinle) is pretty much labeled as a tom boy by our records, but for her wedding day, she was anything but. She had help from the Mommas on both sides, with all things wedding prep, but you can tell that she put in her own personal touches and flare as well. The wedding party was a wild, fun, entertaining bunch and the groomsman’s shirts matched that exact vibe. Every thread of the wedding had an intimate feel, down to the walk down the aisle. Jessica was brought in by a horse-drawn carriage and escorted, not only by just her Daddy, but also by her very own kiddo, Kapone. Both of her children were actually in every aspect of the wedding and neither Jess, nor Austin would have wanted it any other way.

From the emotional first looks with Dad, Mom, sisters & wedding party, then finally the groom, tears were flowing as Jessica stunned in her flowy, flower-child inspired dress. Her hair was done by her Momma and it couldn’t have gotten any more perfect than that. Austin wore khaki suspenders, etched with the initials DAS to remember a very special friend that could not be there that day. Everything was intimate, timeless and beautiful.

The wedding took place on a family farm and reception followed in the sweetest way. Everyone danced under the most gorgeous setting of an outdoor tent. Family played such a strong role as you can probably tell by now in the whole day. To end off the night in the most remarkable way, Jess and her dad danced their dance as both of her sisters sang, adding such a personal, charming touch to this already picture-perfect wedding.

Tiffany, from BGI quoted, “It was so awesome to be able to stand back and watch your friend get married but also be able to capture it.” Austin and Jess, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your wonderful day.

The Reveal Blog

Ok, here it is…

Dorothea Lange once said, “Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” How unbelievably spot-on is that statement? How many times have you said yourself or heard a recently married couple say, that day went way too fast. We wish we could live that just absolutely perfect day over and over and over… That, followers, is where we, at BGI, have come in. To help you articulate that story. To help you not just remember, but relive that day for the rest of your life. To help you hold still those magical moments where nothing else mattered but the two of you; falling in love all over again, promising your vows for a lifetime. But, the truth is… We too live that day right there with you. Your day becomes part of our history too.

As a result, BGI’s wedding division has decided to launch the documenting of those magnificent days through blogging. Those days that hold so many precious thoughts as we, the photographers, capture their essence that go into each photo taken. It would be a true injustice not to share them with the rest of the world. As your photographers, we are with you all day that day; we see the behind the scenes details that sometimes even your family or friends might have missed out on. So, this, our fans, is our promise to deliver those sappy, lovely, sometimes even passionate, most terrific moments of each and every one of those big, bold and beautiful days. We love our clients. We love their love stories.

Please follow us on these fairy-tale journeys down the aisles of so many remarkable couples. There won’t be a fairy godmother, but we promise if we see a torn dress or missing glass slipper, we will be waiving our hypothetical wand and stepping in to make that day a magical one for our clients, whom we call family. And, most importantly, deliver those photos that will truly hold still that day for a lifetime for the newlyweds. We are so excited to share these stunningly amazing photographs, vibes and emotions from their weddings! Are you ready? Get the tissues out!

Here we go…

Coming Soon...

Thank you so much for checking out our Wedding blog!  We can't wait to share more than pics with you about our couples!  There's so much more we want to tell you about our favorite photos, and now we can! Stay tuned for our first post!