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Alex & Sam

So you have your wedding planning checklist.... You know, THE CHECKLIST, right brides?! Well, pretty much at the top of the list stands a section with a HUGE asterisk next to it called **First Looks. You may be thinking that we are getting to that 27 Dresses scene where Katherine Heigl’s character talks about her favorite part of a wedding… you know, when the bride walks down the aisle but your eye is on the groom, seeing their face as they watch the love of their life appear?! Yeah, we will get to the groom in a minute! Not to send you on a wild goose chase, but on the first looks checklist, there is a VERY important spot marked ‘Daddy’s First Look’. We are here to tell you folks, Alex got this one spot on! They had one of the sweetest father/daughter first looks that we have ever seen. The look on her dad’s face, well, let’s just say he’s been planning for this her whole life. That moment was something special to capture! Looking back on the pictures, the look in his eyes tell you everything. That look you can imagine was mixed with a flood of memories: holding her for the first time, sending her to kindergarten, that first middle school dance dropoff... He knew this moment was coming and nailed it perfectly! They say a wedding is a parent's send off into the world with your new found significant other and this first look and the moment they shared, did just so. Don't believe us? Take a look for yourselves!

Now, back to the checklists! Alex must have had a pretty significant one because this wedding was out of this world! Literally! The couple had an around-the-world theme at the reception, which was beyond beautiful by the way. Quaint, adorable family farm reception with a gorgeous white tent filled with only the most immaculate decorations… Check! An amazing live band… Check! The beautiful textures, colors and variety at the church location and where we shot the portraits in downtown Washington, deemed photography perfection. If you need help with your checklist, this couple is one that you should seek out!

But, no matter how many checks you have on your list, no one ever makes a section for the insane amount of love that will be shared on that day by the newlyweds themselves. All you have to do is look at this final picture that we leave with, to see the immense amount of it we captured in this handsome groom and his breathtaking wife. Thank you so much for letting BGI be a part of your absolutely stunning day.