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The Wedding of Carly and Nick

Picture this... imagine yourself standing at the top of an enormous hilltop. You are dressed in the most magnificent gown, draped around your daddy’s arm and ready to begin your walk down the hill to your partner to begin life together. You look out and see glimpses of shimmering water below, a spectacular crowd of friends and family, and boats have stopped off in the distant to witness the beautiful scene.

You take your first step on the brightly sunlit path, and once reaching the bottom of the hill, you stand hand in hand with your soon-to-be groom under the most eloquent archway covered in a beautiful array of flowers. This. This is the moment you have been waiting for.

Close your eyes. It's ok, go ahead. Close them and imagine what we just described. (Can you see it?)

Ok, open them! What were you imagining? A beautiful destination wedding, along the sandy beaches of some tropical island? Well, would you be surprised if we told you that you are actually envisioning the wrong setting? Surprised, aren’t you?

Let us take you along the journey of the Schwerdt wedding, the marriage of Carly and Nick…

They did have their breathtaking ceremony on a fairy-tale like resort, but not like in the way you might have been imagining. The couple wed at a place called Innsbrook Resort. For those of you who witnessed these gorgeous nuptials of Carly and Nick, you can also attest to the fact that this place is like a destination wedding but right in the heart of the Midwest. It is stunning. Stunning like the bride herself.

It was an authentic October wedding, with perfectly placed touches of corals, maroons, browns and peach. The bridesmaids’ dresses shimmered with gold accents, much like that beautiful pathway down that hilltop you were envisioning. Nick and his groomsmen's’ vintage suit jackets sealed the perfect array of wedding planning perfection on that October 15th day.

Everything was beautiful, down to the last details of the portrait location and reception. But, we couldn’t complete this blog without also taking you down the road with us and make you see and feel what we as the photographers captured on that day. We won’t make you close your eyes again, but just take a moment with us.

Our eyes welled with tears not once but twice before the day really even began. Nick delivered the most heartfelt, sweetest, note that we could feel all the way down to our bones. You could tell by each tear that rolled down Carly’s cheek that he spoke to her in a way only a partner and true love could. She, as well, as us, will remember that moment to a tee. But a wedding would not be complete without the groom reciprocating the feeling of an emotional unspoken bonding that day. We loved to see Nick completely overwhelmed with his bride during their first look that day.

Thank you for sharing the love. Thank you two for sharing your day with us. And, most importantly, thank you both for sharing your little one, Jack, that day. He was the most adorable, light of the party.